We pride ourselves in delivering premium quality coffee and CBD experience

About Us

Happy Bean is a specialty coffee company with a simple vision of formulating high-quality, hemp-infused CBD coffees. We believe the secret to a great CBD coffee experience relies on great tasting coffee with consistent delivery of CBD in every cup of brewed coffee. Happy Bean takes the jitters out of coffee, has a low acidic profile and is never bitter. 

Our Process

We source raw coffee beans directly from importers and farmers to ensure that we roast the best quality coffee that will brighten up your day. The next step is to roast and grind Happy Bean coffee in small batches to bring out the distinct characteristics of each coffee bean directly to your cup. We infuse our coffee with hemp extract that is sourced from organically grown hemp in the USA. Each coffee batch is 3rd party lab tested to ensure bio-availability of cannabinoids in every cup of brewed coffee. Happy Bean products are available in K-Cup compatible Coffee Pods and Ground Coffee Bags/Cans.