This is for the chocolate lovers. Treat yourself to a rich chocolatey coffee. Mocha or mochaccino coffee stems from the Italian tradition, an espresso coffee with an intense taste, tinted with cocoa milk, and topped with a delicate layer of whipped cream drizzled with chocolate syrup. 

Café Mocha with CBD is definitely a coffee worth giving a shot.  


5-8 minutes


Makes 1 Cafe Mocha


  • A whisk
  • 1/2 cup of milk
  • 2 oz. Brewed Happy Bean Cuban Espresso
  • 15 g dark chocolate bar
  • 1/2 drop of liquid vanilla extract
  • Whipped cream (optional)
  • Cinnamon Stick (optional)
  • Cocoa Powder or Syrup (optional)

Step 1

Prepare 2 ounces of Happy Bean Cuban Espresso

Step 2

Heat the milk over low heat with sugar and vanilla extract. Do not boil.

Step 3

As soon as it is hot, lower the heat to a minimum and pour the hot espresso and chocolate pieces over the milk.

Step 4

Raise the heat a little while until the chocolate melts.

Step 5

Whisk to make the liquid foamy. 

Step 6

Pour into cups, garnish with whipped cream and cocoa powder.

Step 7

You can also use a cinnamon stick to stir the cream into the mocha. 

Step 8

Enjoy! Be Happy!